Megumi Shiraishi

Composer / Music Arranger / Pianist

Megumi Shirai began to play the piano and the electone already when she was 3 years old and entered many contests during her childhood.
Graduation from the Tokyo High School of Fine Arts (Tokyo Geijutsu Koukou), Department of Music (Piano) in 2000.
Graduation from the Tokyo University of Fine Arts (Tokyo Geidai Daigakku), Department of Music (Piano) in 2004.

In her career she was in charge of music in a wide area of artistic performances, centering on TV Drama, but also in various other fields such as Films, Journalistic Programs, CM, Game Music, Theater Performances, and arrangements for Pop Artists.

Representative works in the field of TV Film Music are:
・TV series dramas of NHK: "Tsubaki Bunguten" and "Hajimari no Uta"
・Fuji TV Programs: "Omoni Naitemasu" and "Dear Sisters"

Noteable achievements in other areas showing her versatile style are:
・Journalistic Programs: BS Fuji TV "Prime News"
・Game Music: Square Enix "Last SQ"
・TV Anime: "Owarino Seraph" and the 2.5 hrs 45th Anniversary SP "Sazaesan Anime and Drama"
・CM Music: Universal Studio Japan "Death Note the Escape"
・Theater Music: Team Syachihoko "Ike Ike Hollywood"
・Radio Programs: NHK-FM Theater
and many others.

In addition, the film "Silent" on which she worked in 2017 has received an Audience Award from the Film Festival "DC Short" in Washington and was released also in Rome, Paris, and Louisville in Kentucky.